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Chapter 723 of Kingdom left me speechless with the toughness of the Seika guys. The series still shows how strong they are as vassals. We should be grateful they are still alive.

Shin is pleased to have his accolades acknowledged. His work is greatly deserved. In general, he has had a successful war. It was interesting to see Rei’s response. Man, I’m looking forward to seeing them do it again.

Rikusen deserves credit for winning despite being injured and having the option to sit back. He was a leader in so many ways.

Finally, Kanki’s weakness is that he lacks the very basics? Does that mean he doesn’t know how to escape the trap? Quite baffling. The fact that he doesn’t break free of an encirclement seems a bit disrespectful following what we’ve seen.

Here are the latest updates.

1. Chapter 724 Discussion

In chapter 724 of Kingdom, generals of competence would not abandon a moment to flank their enemy; if the Hi Shin Army (HSA) and Gakuka (GKA) retreat, that leaves Heki’s rear open and Kanki’s flank open to attack.

Kanki | Source: IMDb

Although there may be a reason why the HSA and GKA chase the HSA, preparing an ambush like that while your enemy is following you isn’t easy; not to mention, the enemy will probably suspect you.

My prediction is that HSA and GKA will manage to break through, leaving a small gap. Being a Chinese general in the Warring States Era, it would make sense for Riboku to follow Sun Tzu’s advice, which means Riboku would likely leave that opening/gap alone.

Heki and the other units will begin a coordinated and brutal fighting retreat once the inevitable defeat comes.

2. Chapter 724 Release Date

Chapter 724 of the Kingdom manga will be released on Saturday, Jun 25, 2022. The chapter title has not been leaked yet.

I. Is Kingdom on break this week?

No, chapter 724 of Kingdom is not on a break this week. We’ll update you guys if any further announcement is made.

3. Chapter 724 Raw Scans, Leaks

The raw scans of chapter 724 have not been released yet. Two to three days before the official release of the chapter, we might get an early sneak peek.

4. Where to Read Kingdom?

Kingdom cannot be read online due to the lack of official sources. If you wish to read the chapters, you will have to purchase the manga.

5. Chapter 723 Recap

Rei says Kyoukai ran out of breath as she took out the enemy lieutenant. Shin catches her as she falls from her horse and asks if she’s okay. Shin says she matched it perfectly, and Koukai asks how she’s feeling.

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She says she’s fine. Afterward, he says the encirclement has been opened because her unit made its way out.

Ten instructs the infantry to keep the path that has been created stable while the cavalry broadens it. To keep strong, Suugen told his troops not to let the path created by the cavalry close.

Shin and Kyoukai remain where they are as the cavalry widens the path. Shin says to be quiet because they are only resting. Ten disagrees with that and says she is annoyed. Kyoukai agrees with Shin, and she yells at them about how long they are staying there.

It is En-san’s order to send his men out to help the injured and not leave a single soldier behind. As Ten sees it, he did a great job of bringing them all this way, while En-san points out there’s a unit on the right that probably won’t make it.

According to Ten, the enemy will likely turn their attention to their spot, which will give the right side an opportunity to escape. But this is not the only problem. It looks like Denyuu and Shin will make it through this after all, while Denyuu said they haven’t yet.

Observing that the HSU is emerging from the encirclement, the Gakuka notices that they have made an opening. In response to Rikusen’s call, Aisen perceives it as a good thing and orders the Gakuka to move toward the HSU’s opening before it closes.

Fuoon and the enemy general block the Gakuka as they move right, saying that they will not allow them to leave. Shin and Rei then attack them. In the face of this blow, Fuoon not only dodged the general’s attack but managed to get her back as well.

Asien sees that some other HSU cavalry has arrived and wonders why they didn’t escape. There’s no point in asking why because they’re still fighting, and if the Gakuka cannot escape along with them, then there’s no point in trying to escape independently.

Ten holds Bihei back by saying that they need to hold the Gakuka back until the Zhao can cross, but Bihei says it sounds impossible. It might not be possible even for the HSU to escape if Shin does not hurry.

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Upon being told that Shin is fairly good at fighting, Zhao replies that Shin is just getting started. Fuoon asks Rei if she is her younger sister, and she replies that she is the female Lieutenant of the HSU.

Suddenly, Fuoon is attacked from behind by Rikusen, who tells him not to interfere. Rei wonders how he can keep up with her if she is not using her breath. Shin says that this is Gakuka’s field of battle, and Rikusen responds that Zhao has blocked the attacks of Rikusen and Shin.

A Zhao soldier tries to go to the Zhao general for help, but he is killed when Aisen swings through him and hits him with a blow to the head. All the Gakuka troops are then ordered to proceed towards the opening by the HSU and begin to leave.

The narration concludes that both the HSU and the Gakuka have made it out of the trap set by Riboku during the past half-year despite suffering a lot of casualties along the way.

As the two armies depart, the Zhao soldiers look on as Riboku says he is impressed. The general tells him that he is truly moving up to the next level. This will, however, not be enough, according to Riboku.

The HSU and the Gakuka will be chased out further away by their army, and they will take advantage of the opportunity to wipe out Kanki.

Riboku tells one of his soldiers that Kanki is incapable of pulling off a stunt like Shin, so they should be on their guard. Even the simplest general should have something Kanki does not possess, he argues, and that is his weakness.

6. About Kingdom

Kingdom is a Japanese seinen manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara.

The manga provides a fictionalised account of the Warring States period primarily through the experiences of the war orphan Xin and his comrades.

In the story, Xin fights to become the most significant general under the heavens, and in doing so, unifying China for the first time in history.

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