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The show does a wonderful job of making its Spirits seem interesting to watch. You can agree with Muruko that a world with just her might be a good idea one moment, and then want Inverse Tohka to turn you into a cake-eating chair the next.

Date A Live also offers joy in its little details. This process, as well as the music cues that go with it, are so fun. One of the reasons why DaL is so popular is its slightly cheesy music.

Inverse Tohka seemed a bit out of character to me as I recall her being a lot more murderous. Perhaps that’s just my memory playing tricks on me. This particular dating situation was particularly entertaining since DaL always knows how to set up a good date.

She also had better animation finesse and personality than some lead females in other shows.

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Episode 8 Speculations

“Key and Sword” will be the title of the next episode. Shido’s responsibility is to save the world and humanity, otherwise, a disaster awaits them. Her responsibility also includes saving Mukaro from the danger threatening the planet.

There will be a lot of action and intrigue in this episode. With the preview, we got goosebumps and can’t wait to see what kind of spine-chilling moments await us in the next episode.

Episode 8 Release Date

Episode 8 of the Date A Live anime, titled “Key and Sword”, will be released on Friday, May 27, 2022.

1. Is Date A Live on Break This Week?

No, episode 8 is not on break this week. The episode will be released as per schedule.

Episode 7 Recap

The previous episode showed that Mukuro was close to her older adoptive sister, and her enchantment with her led to Mukuro becoming a star. Maybe that’s why Mukuro is so protective of her hair? Where did it all go wrong?

Shido and Mukuro’s date has been going well! Shido is completely enamored with Mukuro. Did AI select the dates for every event? It makes sense. It appears that Ratatoskr employees are also betting on horses using AI.

Mukuro decided to wear Kotori’s clothes and with the braided hair, she also looks cute…after she adjusts them for her large bosom using Spirit powers. A nice, classy, traditionally Japanese date spot for Shido and Mukuro.

There is even a mutual love confession at the end of the date and Mukuro finds the perfect time to seal Shido’s love against the other girls. That is until she begins to demand Shido forget about them, revealing just how possessive Mukuro really is.

Although Kotori and the Harem have forgotten Shido, her loose hair quickly plunges into psychological horror as they treat him as a stranger. Not even his classmates or friends remember him. As a result, Mukuro has forgotten everyone except for her.

It is comforting that Shido’s Spirits still seem to remember each other despite being unable to remember him. Luckily, Origami with the long hair managed to overpower Shido and still remember him.

I believe that the lack of memory of Shido was enough to turn Tohka inverse. Has Mukuro always felt that she lacked love and attention from her adoptive family, which is the reason she is so possessive?

So Mukuro wants nothing but Shido all to herself, Inverse Tohka wants revenge for Shido kissing her the last time he was here, and long-haired Origami makes an impassioned plea for them to stop fighting with weapons and to work together so they can steal Shido’s kisses as a result of competing against Shido in a date in order to make him fall for them. It’s like Date A Live in reverse.

What a sweet and petty maid. She didn’t deserve to be treated that way. This was an extremely stressful job for her. Although she did teach the girls Moe Moe Kyun’s appeal.

Mukuro and Inverse Tohka are equally hot. Tohka is sitting on Shido’s lap, eating strawberries off the ground while crossing her legs. It is at this moment that Origami regrets his decision.

About Date A Live

Date A Live is a light novel series by Tachibana Koshi(writer) and Tsunako (illustrator). Since its debut in 2011, it has received several manga and anime adaptations.

Girls known as spirits are the cause of spatial earthquakes in a dystopian future. Shido discovers that the only way to seal such spirits is to make them fall in love with him and kiss him. Shido has to seal as many spirits as he can to save the world.

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